Tool Repairs for Montreal contractors and Diyers

We are a full service centre, not only do we rent the tools out we can also repair your tools. We tend to divide the tools that we repair into 2 categories, gas powered tools and flooring Tools.


Gas Powered Tool Repais

Some common examples of Gas Powered Tool Repairs we get on a daily basis:

  • Lawnmowers Repairs
  • Chainsaws Repairs
  • Pressure Washer Repairs
  • Water Table Saw Repairs


Flooring Tool Repairs

We also have a mechanic dedicated to repairs for our flooring professionals, these repairs can include flooring equipment such as:

  • Floor Sander Repairs
  • Floor Nailers Repairs
  • Floor Polisher Repairs
  • Flooring Edger Repairs


Tool Repair Estimates

Our tool repair mechanics can provide you an estimate for your tool repairs. Labour for estimate is ½ hr minimum. A written estimate is provided on request. All mechanical Repairs are billed by the hour. We have 2 mechanics, one for gas and one for flooring equipment. Emco has been providing equipment repairs to flooring contractors for decades, we understand your need to have the equipment repaired properly and in a timely fashion


Got a question? Feel free to drop in anytime from Monday to Saturday or give us a call at 514.270.7101